Our Vegan gelato

Essentials or Sophisticated, there are for all tastes!

croquis branche et pistaches

The Essentials

Our Essentials collection take on the challenge in turning your favourite flavours into gourmet vegan ice creams/gelatos.

The ultimate Italian gelato flavour but vegan and organic! With its delicate notes and creamy texture, our pistachio gelato is made with oat milk to bring Italy to you.

A vegan and organic sorbet, intense and surprising, combining the sweetness and crunch of sesame seeds with the bitterness of chocolate. A subtle balance that will delight the most greedy among you.

Take a “sweet” break by tasting our Madagascar Vanilla gelato. Vegan and organic, this gelato combines vanilla with rice milk in order to infuse all the subtle and delicious flavours of the bean.

Strong but not bitter, enjoy all the flavour of an espresso in our coffee gelato. Vegan and organic, this gelato is the perfect union of coffee beans with oat milk for Arabica coffee lovers.

Taste the finesse and subtlety of our almond gelato. The flavour of the vegan ice cream by essence, with organic almond milk for a unique smoothness.

croquis de cassis et de feuilles d'aloe vera

The Sophisticated

Our Sophisticated are inspired by the best of nature and contain a wealth of fruit and superfoods.

Boost your vitality with our seductive mango sorbet. Associated with chia seeds, this vegan and organic gelato is as colourful as exotic and will take you straight to the sun.

Succumb to our strawberry acai sorbet and make a refill of antioxidants! Vegan and organic, this reinvented açai bowl will provide you sweetness and greediness.

Enjoy our gourmet blackcurrant & aloe vera blend in a vegan and organic sorbet. This fruity, thirst-quenching and richly flavoured vitamin concentrate will delight all the superfood fans.

This powerful mix of lemon and acerola berries will be your best ally to give a little boost to your day. Vegan and organic, this tonic mix will freshen up both children and adults.

Treat yourself to a ” refreshing ” break with our orange carrot ginger sorbet. Vegan and organic, this energizing and spicy cocktail will bring you energy and vitality to remedy will be an ideal pick me up.