Feels good, tastes good!

Organic, vegan and tasty ice creams!

At Impronta, we believe that indulging in organic vegan ice cream should by no means be a compromise on taste.

Scrumptious, colourful and tasty, our gelato is carefully crafted with quality in mind, meeting the highest standards in the choice of freshness and vegan products.

Delicious, colorful and creative, our recipes are carefully elaborated based on the secrets of the artisan way of making ice cream. Incredibly tasty, their quality is equal to our know-how. All the ingredients that are used to make them are selected under the most stringent criteria, while being adapted to the requirements of a vegan diet.

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The Impronta philosophy

Impronta, which means ” footprint “, is cradled by a culture that takes care of nature, both in the manufacture of ice cream and in the associations of flavours. Our mission is to treat ourselves and our families while taking care of the planet. Impronta is a new lifestyle that aims to modernise our way of consuming while striving for a positive impact and leaving a path for future generations. By respecting the environment, we engage in the global movement of preserving the planet while enjoying everything nature has to offer.

Where to find our ice creams?

Comfortably from your home, or during your office break, get our ice creams delivered to you through your favourite delivery platforms.

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They loved the taste!

Willingness to limit your intake of animal proteins, lactose intolerance, personal conviction or purely out of curiosity: there are several good reasons to discover the ice creams and sorbets by Impronta! Many people have already indulged in our tasty recipes, and they let us know through these customer reviews.

Will you be the next one to taste a really good vegan gelato?

Best vegan ice cream ever
"The best vegan ice cream I ever ate! Thank you for offering tasty options for vegan or lactose intolerant people like me! A treat!" (translated from French)
June 2022
Deliveroo, Paris
I am not vegan though
"Speaking for myself, an astonishing discovery! I am not vegan, but then ... a pure moment of happiness with soy milk I guess? In any case natural! Thank you for this great creation." (translated from French)
May 2022
Deliveroo, Angers
Absolutely delicious!
"Absolutely delicious! A wide choice of flavors and the quality is there. Extremely stunning and everything is vegan, one could almost forget it! I can only recommend, especially chocolate and pistachio .;)" (translated from French)
May 2022
Deliveroo, Paris

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