Our philosophy


Our story started with a dare. Dare not to be satisfied with low quality, not natural ingredients in our food… Dare to ask for a better dessert !

We believes that in 2018 our costumers don’t have to compromise on taste to eat healthier.

Our gelato is natural, VEGAN, prepared in a pure and unprocessed way. Fruits for our sorbets are coming from sunny countries like Spain and Sri Lanka.

We never stop working and improving. Every day our team is preparing  a new recipes for gelato with unexpected combinations of exotic fruits and other gifts of nature to develop a ‘flavor of the month’

When we’re creating our sorbets we wanted to use as much fruits as possible.And we’re proud to say that our sorbets have up to 70% real fruit in them !

Our salads, cold-pressed juices, tea and coffee are 100% ORGANIC and unpasteurized !

Only 14% of plastics in the world are recycled, but we want to reach a  higher number. We decide to use ONLY Bio degradable and BPA-free plastic in our shops.