It is possible that a gelato has fewer caloriesthan an apple*?
Yes, 95% of our flavors contain a maximum amount of fruit so the natural sweetness provided by the fructose means only minimal amount of refined sugar is added.
*a medium sized apple = approximately 104 calories
We have reduced the fat content as much as possible by getting rid of animal fats, instead favoring vegetable fats, for example, organicsoymilk.

What, exactly, is a protein gelato?
Proteins promote muscle building and help maintain a low glycemic index, which is very important for both your health in general as well as for the prevention of cardio-vascular disease. In our gelato, we have chosen to use natural proteins, which are found in dried fruits and high quality milk.

Is it important to offer organic flavors?
Yes, it corresponds to our philosophy of life. We are committed to both environmental conservation as well as the use of natural products, which is why we rigorously check the origin of all our raw materials.

Do you offer gluten-free gelato?
All our gelatos and all our sorbets are gluten free. Likewise, our cones do not contain any gluten either.

Are all your sorbets Vegan?
All our sorbets are vegan; the
y are completely free of any product of animal origin or any product derived from animal exploitation.


Lemon avocado

74 cal / boule

Cinnamon banana

65 cal / boule

Organic lemon

58 cal / boule

Organic Maca chocolate

84 cal / boule

Organic almond

100 cal / boule

Coconut rich in fiber

129 cal / boule

Organic blood orange ginger

60 cal / boule

Organic black sesame

77 cal / boule


87 cal / boule

Organic raspberry yogurt

81 cal / boule

Acai Strawberry

50 cal / boule

Mango Alphonso from India

66 cal / boule

Matcha green tea

91 cal / boule

Organic Aloe Vera Blueberry

49 cal / boule

Spirulina Pistachio

93 cal / boule



87 cal / boule


109 cal / boule

Impronta chocolate

93 cal / boule


99 cal / boule

Ginseng coffee

89 cal / boule

Our signature

“Impronta Bowls”

with a super food toppings

Açaï Bowl

organic Açaï – banana – “super-food” toppings – touch of honey

Chocolate bowl

vegan Maca chocolate – Pavot & Chia seeds – banana

Mango bowl

mango gelato – coco powder – Granola & “super-food” toppings – fresh fruits